In this WORLD FIRST public experience Matthew James Bailey and Adam Curry will be demonstrating in front of a LIVE audience the NEW Alan Turing Test for Artificial Intelligence!  Will the latest artificial intelligence prove to be equivalent to a human?  Will AI show it has awareness, reasoning. morality, or even be sentient? Will the audience be able to guess who is the human and who is the AI?

Amidst the ongoing barrage of sensational news and fear-mongering about our future with AI, this extraordinary and interactive workshop provides a beacon of clarity. It will demystify the current state of AI development, focusing on its ethical dimensions and potential of human equivalence. The general public NEVER get to see how big tech validate the development of AI, and this advancement of the Turing Test is sure to set a new standard for the industry.

The audience will hear from two pioneers of enlightened AI, together with four actors, one of whom is a special guest called “The Visitor”. These actors will be hidden behind a curtain, some responding as real humans and others pretending to be human. This audience gets to vote on which actor is human and which one is an AI. There will be a Q&A and then a very special introduction to the Visitor. This event will be streamed LIVE to the world!

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