About Captain Ron

Captain Ron has been immersed in the UFO/paranormal community for many years. Through working with various conferences, reading and researching, and doing hundreds of interviews he has built up an extensive knowledge of the subject.

He began podcasting with the ELEVATE THE CONVERSATION show back in 2014 and then moved on to the TRUTH BE TOLD show along with Tony Sweet. In April of 2021 he founded The Observation Deck, an online source for information on speakers, as well as a place to host virtual events in and around the UFO community. In 2023, along with Gordon Pekrul, he bought the Contact In The Desert Conference.  Ron will be starting up a new podcast before the conference, called BEYOND CONTACT.

Captain Ron’s Appearances

The Grimerica Show | Ron Janix – UFO’s – Disclosure, Conscious Contact in the Desert

Typical Skeptic Podcast | CITD 2024 Preview, Disclosure, Ethics/A.I

UAP Files Podcast S2E9 | Captain Ron Janix


Dear People Of Earth | Special Guest Captain Ron Janix

Upcoming Appearances

Keep an eye & ear out for Ron’s upcoming podcast events…

  • April 19, 8:00pm PT – The Why Files with AJ Gentile
  • April 23, 3:30pm – The Rundown with Kristan Harris
  • April 23, 4pm PT – Podcast UFO with Martin Willis
  • April 24, 9-10pm PT – Into the Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott
  • April 25, 11:30pm – WABC Radio New York with Frank Morano
  • April 27, 11am PT – Roswell Daily Record with Toby Martinez
  • April 30, 12:00pm – We Are Not Alone Radio with Jeremy Scott
  • May 1, 5:30pm PT – Escape The Simulation with Jess Rogge
  • May 14, 1pm PT – Humanity Rising with Jim Garrison Podcast
  • May 16, 10-11pm PT – Live from Hollywood, It’s Paranormal Tonight! with Dan Harary
  • May 23, 10pm PT – Coast to Coast AM

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