Our 2024 Speaker Line-Up

We are thrilled to announce our lineup of speakers for Contact in the Desert 2024! Check back for updates and new additions**

We welcome back our returning speakers, as well as many new voices to Contact in the Desert 2024. Our speakers will bring us an in-depth exploration of a wide variety of topics at the forefront of todays discussions.

This will be an event you won’t want to miss! Browse our speaker list below and click to learn more about each speaker and their various topics.

George Noory

Host - Coast to Coast AM

George Knapp

Investigative Journalist, News Anchor

Robert E. Grant

Entrepreneur | Author | Inventor | Corporate Founder

Dr. Avi Loeb*

Theoretical Physicist

Thomas Jane

Actor, Producer, Author

Richard Dolan

UFO Researcher, Historian, Author

Nick Pope

Military, Rendlesham, UK Ministry of Defense, UFOs

Daniel Sheehan

Disclosure Advocate & Researcher, Political Activist, Attorney

Whitley Strieber

Author, Experiencer

Travis Walton

Author - Fire in in the Sky

Jimmy Church

Host - Fade To Black

Matthew James Bailey

Pioneer of Ethical AI, Consciousness, Spirituality

Andrew Collins

Advanced Civilizations

William Henry

Investigative Mythologist

Dave Foley

Actor, Host - "Really?! with Tom and Dave"

Thomas Wheeler

Showrunner, Screenwriter, Novelist, Host - "Really?! with Tom and Dave"

Linda Moulton Howe

Groundbreaking Journalist

Clyde Lewis

Host - Ground Zero

Russell Targ

Physicist, CIA Psychic Spy, Remote Viewer

Caroline Cory

Filmmaker, Author, Founder - Omnium Media

Brad Olsen

Author, Antarctica Researcher

Jason Martell

Ancient Civilization Technologies, A.I.

Ryan Wood

Military UFO Retrievals, MJ12 Documents

Anthony Peake

Non-Human Intelligence, Human Consciousness

Paul Hynek

Entrepreneur, Professor, Futurist, Son of Project Blue Book's J. Allen Hynek

Stephen Bassett

Exec. Director - Paradigm Research Group

Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak

Ancient Cultures, Futurists

Marc D’Antonio

Astronomer, SkyTour Livestream

Dannion Brinkley

Parapsychology, Near Death Experiences

Adam Apollo

Quantum Geometry, Unified Physics

Jason Quitt

Author - Astral Genesis

Michael Schratt

Military Aerospace Investigator, Historian

Mitch Randall

The Galileo Project, SkyWatch, A.I.

Richard Geldriech

A.I, Open Source UFO Database

Peter Davenport

Director, National UFO Reporting Center

Dr. Paul H. Smith

Army Intelligence Officer - Remote Viewing Program

Yvonne Smith

Certified Hypnotherapist, Founder - CERO

Tracey Garbutt Dolan

Author, Remote Viewing

Dee Wallace

Actress, Author, Conscious Creation Healer

Alexis Brooks

Journalist, Researcher, Author

Lisa Garr

Host - The Aware Show, Guest Host - Coast to Coast

Kim Carlsberg

Author, Lecturer, Experiencer

Sarah Breskman Cosme

Author, Master QHHT Practitioner

Adam Curry

Artificial Intelligence, UnityGPT

John P. Milton

Founder - Manifestation of Way of Nature

Duane Ollinger

Blind Frog Ranch

Timothy Hogan

Author, Educator - Western Mystery

Alan Steinfeld

Conscious Evolution, E.T. Contact

Ben Hansen

Paranormal, Skywatch Investigations

Michael O’Sedona

Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Bill Homann

The Crystal Skull

Todd Curtis

Aviation Safety Engineer, Educator

Eric Rankin

Integratron Guide, Sacred Geometry

Craig Campobasso

Filmmaker - Stranger At The Pentagon, Author

Richard Martini

Director, Producer, Writer

Ron James

Filmmaker, MUFON

Ericka Boussarhane

Psychic Medium, Second Sight Paranormal Investigations & Forensic Services

Jay Christopher King

The Experiencer Group

Kelly Chase

Author, Podcaster, Media Personality

Ross Wachsman

Film & TV Director, Songwriter

Dan Harary

Hollywood Disclosure Alliance, Asbury PR Agency, Author

Serena DC

Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Talk Show Host & Actress

Earl Grey Anderson

Hollywood Disclosure Alliance, State Dir - MUFON CA

Katie Paige

Author, Researcher, Investigator, Experiencer

Darcy Weir

Producer, Director, Writer

Jay Anderson

Researcher, Founder & Host of Project Unity

Tom Danheiser

Senior Producer - Coast to Coast AM

Tim Crawford

Creator of UFOTV

Captain Ron

Co-Owner, Producer, Host - Contact In The Desert

*Appearing virtually at Contact in the Desert 2024

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