The world’s largest UFO conference, Contact in the Desert (CITD), announces the launch of their Eighth Annual, and FIRST VIRTUAL EVENT, focusing on UFO’s and the YEAR OF SCIENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS & THE FUTURE – to be held June 24-28, 2021. CITD is renowned for its top line-up of experts in the fields of ufology, forbidden archaeology, government disclosure, alien phenomenon, crop circles and more. The event, attended by thousands in its previous seven shows, marks the return of celebrated speakers, with the exciting addition of new presenters, from all over the world!   CITD, already the largest UFO Conference in history will now be the largest UFO conference in the virtual world, with over 60 lectures, 40 workshops, 11 panels, featured speakers’ presentations, virtual tours to Giant Rock, and interactive events. 

General passes are $199 for three full days of live lectures; however, attendees are given the added opportunity to view their favorites for an ADDITIONAL 2 WEEKS!  This gives them plenty of time to access the event archives and be assured that they don’t miss any of their favorite speakers. More information at:

The all-star lineup includes veteran CITD speakers Erich von Daniken, author of ancient-astronaut classic Chariots of the Gods; George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM Radio; Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence; David Childress and Linda Moulton Howe, stars of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens; British Government Ministry of Defence specialist Nick Pope; Whitley Strieber, best-selling author/screenwriter of Communion; Billy Carson, David Adair and more. Newcomers include: Pulitzer winner, New York Times writer Ralph Blumenthal, on the Life of Harvard Psychologist John Mack’s work with Contact Experiencers; Kevin Day & Gary Voorhis, witnesses to the Nimitz ‘Tic Tac’ Incident (Video:  LINK); Dr. Andrew Gallimore, neurobiologist researching use of DMT as a tool for communication with non-human intelligence; Dr. Rudy Schild, Dr. Michael Grosso and Dr. Jeffrey Long on Consciousness and paranormal contact modalities, including NDE’s and OBE’s; Rizwan Virk, computer scientist and author of The Simulation Hypothesis; Dr. Kevin Knuth, a physicist’s New Description of reality and origins of life; Caroline Cory, researcher of the “Superhuman.”

Lecture and Workshop topics include Modern UFO Statistics and Deep Data Forensics, HIDDEN ANOMALIES OF ANTARCTICA,  NEW REVELATIONS FROM LEAKED GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS highlighting official encounters with UFO’s & E.T.S; EARTH GRIDS & LEY LINES: INVISIBLE SUPER-SCIENCE HIGHWAYS OF THE MEGALITH BUILDERS, Transdimensional Portals, Consciousness and its role in communicating with non-human intelligence; The use of psychedelics to penetrate the veils leading into other dimensions and realms; Government’s secret use of remote viewing; Treasures under the pyramids; classes in Developing extrasensory modalities.

In addition to the lectures, attendees may access the Cosmic Cafe Experiencer’s Gathering to share their personal stories, enjoy the “Wine Online” meetup which encourages guests and speakers to bring a beverage and engage in INTRIGUING conversations, plus special recordings only available to CITD attendees. Premium add-ons include a virtual tour of the legendary site of UFO lore, Giant Rock, in California’s Mojave Desert; a virtual Crystal Skull Experience, and exclusive access to UFO film releases. The ‘Galactic Pass’ includes the lectures, events, premium add-ons, workshops, intensives, a package of recordings, and longer viewing times. 


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