FILM World Premiere Screening – The Beyond: UFOS & A New Reality 

Friday, May 31, 2024
Time: 6:30pm – 8:05pm
Location: Inspiration Room

The truth of the UFO phenomenon calls into question everything that we thought we knew about the nature of our reality and our place in the cosmos. In this forward-looking docuseries from Ontocalypse Productions, top experts discuss the scientific, cultural, and historical implications of this profound paradigm shift. They investigate new cases, then look toward the future of the field and of our world.

For too long, media projects exploring UFOs and other anomalous phenomena have been focused on “proving the case” and justifying why people should care. This series takes a bold step forward. Leveraging the expertise of top minds in the field, The Beyond offers new insights to help integrate and utilize this new reality at both an individual and a societal level.

This new series charts a path forward…into The Beyond.

Premiere screening on May 31st, 2024 at Contact in the Desert.


Diana Walsh Pasulka
Whitley Strieber
Alex Dietrich
Paul H Smith
Micheal P Masters
Iya Whitely
Jeffrey Kripal
Joshua Cutchin
Greg Bishop
and many more.

Executive Produced by:

Kelly Chase
Jordan Flowers
Jay Christopher King
Teddy Jones

Consulting Producer:

Jeffrey J Kripal

Written by:

Kelly Chase
with Jay Christopher King

Directed by:

Jay Christopher King


Zev Deans
Fin Handley


Michael Rubino



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