Kelly Chase

Author, Podcaster, Media Personality

Kelly Chase is an author, podcaster, and media personality who is passionate about creating rational, science-based media on-ramps to further the discussion about the UFO phenomenon with the public-at-large. Her podcast The UFO Rabbit Hole has been ranked in over 90 countries and is one of the top 1% of podcasts globally on Spotify. Kelly is a monthly guest host on Whitley Strieber’s long-running Dreamland podcast. She was also recently featured in the docuseries, UFO Revolution, and is the author of The UFO Rabbit Hole book series.

In 2023, Kelly teamed up with Jay Christopher King and Jordan Flowers to found the new media company, Ontocalypse Productions. Their first docuseries, The Beyond: UFOs & A New Reality will be released in late spring 2024 and will feature top experts in the field including Jeff Kripal, Diana Walsh Pasulka, Whitley Strieber, Michael Masters, Alex Dietrich, Paul H. Smith, Iya Whiteley, Greg Bishop, and many more.

CITD 2024 Presentations


Excavating the Phenomenon: Deconstructing the UFO Narrative

Our understanding of the UFO phenomenon comes wrapped in, not just decades, but thousands of years of mythology, folklore, and cultural context. While these tropes can give us valuable frameworks …

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CITD 2024 Panels

Women of UFOlogy

This gathering will showcase the diverse perspectives, groundbreaking research, and fearless leadership of women who have fearlessly navigated the realms of the unexplained. From trailblazing researchers and investigators to experiencers …

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FILM World Premiere Screening – The Beyond: UFOS & A New Reality

The truth of the UFO phenomenon calls into question everything that we thought we knew about the nature of our reality and our place in the cosmos. In this forward-looking …

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