Private Session with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull


Come access higher states of consciousness, healing, guidance and information through powerful guided meditations and visualizations. Each person will get to spend intimate time connecting with the the world’s most mysterious and fascinating archaeological artifact. Experience the unique meditations.

While Bill Homann, the steward of the Michell-Hedges Crystal Skull, does offer private sessions over Zoom, this is an extremely rare opportunity to commune with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull LIVE, in-person! Sessions are 30 minutes in length. A second person is permitted into the session ONLY if they are closely or intimately related the the primary attendee.

This is the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the crystal skull. Back in 1924 Anna Mitchell-Hedges, the adopted daughter of British adventurer and author F.A. Mitchell-Hedges found the skull while while exploring Mayan ruins at Lubaantun in Belize with her father. Learn more about the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull at their official website.

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