Alien Prophecy

Workshop with

William Henry

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Endeavor Room

Fellow alien hunter and Ancient Astronaut Theorist, Avi Loeb, recently proclaimed the Messiah will arrive, not necessarily from Brooklyn, as some Orthodox Jews believe, but rather from outer space. Billions of people believe we are living in an End Time when an advanced avatar will appear on earth and will gather races from across the heavens on earth. What, exactly, is the UFO Connection with prophecies of advanced angelic beings returning to earth to introduce a Messianic leader who inaugurates a new golden age? Are demons present, too (as some in the Pentagon proclaim)? What is the role of AI? What about the sudden psychedelic renaissance in which ordinary people are having extraordinary contacts with otherworldly beings. In this riveting presentation, William Henry rips back the veil and uncovers what is to come during our extraordinary apocalyptic times.



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