Todd Curtis

Aviation Safety Engineer, Educator

Todd Curtis has spent most of his career in some aspect of aviation safety, particularly analyzing aviation safety data and understanding aviation risks. While Todd has been aware of UFO / UAP issues for decades, it was the 2006 ChicagoO’Hare event, and in particular, the lack of any substantive official response to the event, that made him realize that these phenomena had both an aviation safety and av national security dimension that deserved a more serious and systematic approach that, until recently, had been absent at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

In the last few years, that has begun to change, and one result may be a much greater willingness on the part of the civil aviation community to report UAP events. In the last two years, Todd has worked to both educate that community about UAPs, and provide practical advice on how to share their experiences with others in the community, especially through appropriate U.S. government reporting options such as NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System.

CITD 2024 Presentations


Using the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System to Track UAP Events

The U.S. government has recognized UAP as a safety of flight issue, but as of May 2024, the FAA and the Department of Defense have not developed a systematic process …

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CITD 2024 Panels

UFOlogy: From the Flying Saucer to the UAP

From the early days of flying saucer sightings and speculation, to contemporary investigations bolstered by scientific rigor, our panelists will offer a comprehensive overview of the evolution of UFO research, …

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