Using the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System to Track UAP Events

Lecture with

Todd Curtis

Friday, May 31, 2024
Location: Enterprise Room

The U.S. government has recognized UAP as a safety of flight issue, but as of May 2024, the FAA and the Department of Defense have not developed a systematic process for collecting information about UAP events in ways that would be useful for identifying and reducing safety risks. NASA’s existing Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) database can serve as an interim solution for a UAP tracking database until a better one can be developed. The ASRS database currently has several UAP-related events and can accommodate more without changing its current design. The talk will discuss how UAP encounters could affect aviation safety, describe the role the ASRS has in enhancing aviation safety, and provide an overview of how encouraging the civil aviation community to submit UAP events to the ASRS database will help identify high-risk situations and help the FAA develop regulations and procedures to reduce or eliminate those risks.


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