Richard Geldriech

A.I, Open Source UFO Database

Richard is an open source software developer with a rich history in the video game industry and data compression. His career has spanned roles at major tech companies, including SpaceX and Microsoft, and he’s contributed to notable projects in the video game world. Recently, he has focused on researching and developing resources for historical UAP and Fortean phenomena, launching an open source search engine and compiling and translating numerous chronologies and UAP sighting databases into a single unified open source UAP event database.This unique intersection of technology and exploration reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of both software development and unconventional research.

CITD 2024 Presentations


Disclosure by Information: Insights from ufo_data and Anticipated SkyWatch Revelations

Two technologies allow you to participate in UFO disclosure. A deep dive into a trove of new sources has uncovered a truly profound new version of UFO history that has …

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Citizen Scientist: A New Era of UFO Knowledge Through Data

Two technologies let you now take disclosure into your own hands through verifiable research and scientific measurements. Mitch Randall takes a deep dive into the SkyWatch system detailing why passive …

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Not presenting an intensive this year.

CITD 2024 Panels

Using Science and Technology in Search of Truth

This panel is full of dedicated individuals committed to unraveling mysteries through empirical evidence and data-driven analysis, steering the discourse away from speculation and toward substantive understanding. By applying scientific …

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