Disclosure by Information: Insights from ufo_data and Anticipated SkyWatch Revelations

Lecture with

Peter Davenport Richard Geldriech
Mitch Randall

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Enterprise Room
Two technologies allow you to participate in UFO disclosure. A deep dive into a trove of new sources has uncovered a truly profound new version of UFO history that has previously been obscured. Richard Geldriech unearths new revelations from newly exposed historical sources painting a startling new picture of UFO history. You are introduced to the ufo_data database and a powerful set of search tools to allow you to connect your own dots. Mitch Randall shows how the SkyWatch network will bring an unprecedented look at what is going on in our skies and end the government’s monopoly on radar data. The network combines passive radar, video triangulation, and a public reporting app all designed to detect objects exhibiting unearthly maneuvers. Together, the SkyWatch network and the ufo_data database allow citizens to participate in disclosure, not just sit back and hope it happens.

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