Jason Quitt

Author - Astral Genesis
Jason Quitt is the author of Astral Genesis – Astrological Keys To The Gods, and Egyptian Postures of Power – Mysticism | Movements | Meditations. Jason has been teaching and lecturing on the subjects of mysticism, out of body experiences, astral projection, meditation and Qi Gong since 2010. Jason has been studying various energy modalities and spiritual practices since 2002. After graduating from the Institute of Energy Wellness in 2005, Jason has continued his journey into the ancient systems of mysticism, metaphysics, wellness, and Shamanism to this day.



CITD 2024 Presentations


Gates of the Anunnaki Sacred Geometry Keys to the Gods

Did our ancient ancestors come to possess a knowledge so valuable that it laid the foundational blueprints of the first advanced civilizations? From neolithic stone carvings, clay idols, petroglyphs, pictographs, …

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Dimensional Experiences

What lies beyond the veil of waking reality? Are we capable of walking between the worlds into other dimensional states? Do altered states of consciousness allow us momentary access to …

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Egyptian Postures of Power – Awakening the Ka Body

The Egyptian Postures Of Power is an ancient system of meditation techniques based on ancient Egyptian statues. Just as Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga; the Egyptian Postures utilize the sacred …

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CITD 2024 Panels

Experiencers: Face to Face with the Phenomenon

Don’t miss the chance to hear true stories from those who have had firsthand accounts of UFO and extraterrestrial encounters. Our panelists will share their experiences and insights that offer …

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