Dimensional Experiences

Workshop with

Jason Quitt

Saturday, June 1, 2024
Location: Independence Room

What lies beyond the veil of waking reality? Are we capable of walking between the worlds into other dimensional states? Do altered states of consciousness allow us momentary access to worlds beyond our understanding? Is the contact experience, gods, angels, demons, aliens, spirits, and elementals tied into a world just outside our physical senses? Through spiritual experiences, individuals from every generation of human history have come in contact with the divine or profane, leading them on a journey to understand the mysteries of life, death, and creation. It is through these personal experiences that the other world is awakening us to a broader universal reality. Who or what inhabits the space beyond? Why do they have an interest in opening the door of other dimensions for us? Are they trying to subtly remind us that our true nature is spiritual? Are we multidimensional beings or are we getting a glimpse of our future evolutionary path? Jason will explore these mysteries through his personal experiences out of the body, what he learned, and is still attempting to comprehend.