Making Psychic Machines: Robots, Lasers, and the Contrarian Future of Superintelligence

Lecture with

Adam Curry

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Enterprise Room

The terms “AI” and “Consciousness” are often conflated, which has created some confusion and fear regarding AI. Despite remarkable breakthroughs in AI technology, we are not necessarily closer to creating truly sentient machines. In fact, we currently have no means of testing the distinction between a sentient machine and a highly sophisticated AI software that mimics human behavior.

But what if we DID have a new kind of test to tell us if a machine was actually conscious? The world of parapsychology might hold some clues. This talk introduces T2: a novel test to determine machine consciousness based on its ability to respond to randomized stimuli occurring a few seconds in the future—an ability commonly known as precognition and attendant to biological life.

Adam will also discuss his adventures in actually building a machine that passes T2. He will also introduce Entangled, an experimental superintelligence based on collective consciousness.


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