UFO Portals, Spaceforce & CAIS Investigations
Lecture with John DeSouza
Time: Friday, May 29, 2020
Location: Independence Room

Serious-minded investigators are the only people that can penetrate the truth of the world we are currently living in—an Age of Globalist Terror lying under a cloak of invisibility, barring humankind from monitoring their activities.  John DeSouza will reveal:

  • Space Force: Agenda, History, and Its Future
  • Current investigative techniques using examples of investigations into CABAL crimes with the CAIS investigation system.
  • How the CAIS system can be used to reveal truth in any area…crimes by the CABAL, politics, unknown mysteries and even scandals that we thought we knew the answers to previously.
  • Signs & Symbols: How true investigators are able to see past deception and cover stories meant to distract, deter and to hypnotize the population that is being enslaved.

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