Lecture with Jasmuheen

In this gathering Jasmuheen – as the founder of the Embassy of Peace – will share her experiences with the multidimensional beings who created the Embassy on Earth.

She will also share what they have taught her directly of Interdimensional Energy Field Science which allows a rising species to come into the Unified Realms of which they are a natural part. This came to her via a direct merge in 1998 with her future self who is a Commander of the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds.

This is a science that is formula based that can deliver freedom from all human limitations as well as an experience of each person’s mulitdimensional self, thus each person becomes free as they experience life in a vaster state of consciousness.

In this talk Jasmuheen will discuss what the Embassy terms the “Blue Line Beings” who are one of 3 lines now interacting with many on Earth. The red line are those with solid UFO – ETV – craft who are engaged in trade and with many factions on Earth as discussed by David Wilcox, Emery Smith and many more. The Green Line Beings connect also but use consciousness assisted technology which has also been discussed by many during previous CITD gatherings. The Blue Line Beings are the mutlidimensionals from the Unified Zones who only use pure consciousness for contact and manifestation – they require a Theta brain wave pattern to connect in along with a state of Breath-Heart-Brain Coherence.

Jasmuheen will also provide formula given by the Blue Line Beings for a merge back with and awakening of a person’s multidimensional nature along with testing methods for people to check their intergalactic merge percentage which is intself a fascinating topic.


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