Can We Harmonize New Revelations in Breakthrough Energy, Climate Science, Ufology, and Religion Using Artificial Intelligence?

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Sunday, June 4, 2023
Location: Endeavor Room

Our world is moving at a breathlessly fast pace, and it is impossible to stay current on pivotal developments in all areas of science, economics, geopolitics, culture, and religion. The glut of information, and the increasing difficulty in discerning the truth and falsity of “news”, leaves us vulnerable to manipulation by interests who skillfully craft self-servicing narratives that are channeled out to the masses through “credible sources”. As corruption becomes ever more evident in those five important subject areas, our society can becoming despairing as certainty and integrity are undermined. With the advent of powerful AI software and its capability to generate lightning-fast and coherent streams of information from an unbelievably vast and complicated text and data pool, there is likely to be strong temptation to rely on AI to provide the “trusted news”. Is this a wise course? Or is it potentially worse than human liars?

Joel Garbon will invite the audience to examine the possibility of using AI to harmonize our collective understanding of new revelations in the hot-button topics of breakthrough energy technology, climate science, ufology, and religion. Can we rely on AI to give us the straight scoop and help humanity navigate these complex issues in pursuit of a world that works? Or might we find that selective censoring of information paints further illusions that keep humanity enmeshed in a control paradigm? Come curious and ready to be challenged as we dive into a thought-provoking and exquisitely timed exploration of a hugely important question!


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