A Review of The Recent History – and Present Status – of The UFO Disclosure Movement

Lecture with

Daniel Sheehan

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Inspiration Room

The Legislative Actions by Congress Since the December, 2017 New York Times “Tic Tack Video” Release & Front-Page Headline; The July 26, 2023 Congressional Testimony of Colonel David Grusch…and The Role of THE NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE in The Present “Seven-Year UFO Controlled Disclosure Campaign Plan” Unanimously Approved by The U.S. Senate.

In this 90-minute Sunday afternoon Lecture, Attorney Daniel Sheehan will be following up on his earlier Friday noon-time “Workshop” in which he laid out the respective structures of both The U.S. House and The U.S. Senate versions of “The 2024 UFO Controlled Disclosure Act”…in this 90-minute Sunday afternoon Lecture setting forth the detailed recent history that has led us up to this historic moment  – and outlining the unique role that is being played by THE NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE in Washington, D.C. in this process of generating, and overseeing, this Controlled Disclosure, over the next seven-year period, of all of the information that our U.S. Government has obtained pertaining to The UFO Phenomenon…and the Non-Human Extraterrestrial Species – and Civilization – that is responsible for this phenomenon.


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