Update on UFO Crash/Retrievals

Workshop with

Michael Schratt

Saturday, June 1, 2024
Location: Endeavor Room

In this detailed and highly illustrated presentation, Michael Schratt will present the most exhaustive examination into the Leonard Stringfield UFO Crash/Retrieval cases. Leonard’s sources included pilots, engineers, medical doctors, pathologists, high level Pentagon officials, U.S. Navy and Air Force personnel. These first-hand sources claimed to have had first-hand knowledge/interaction with alleged Extraterrestrial debris, bodies and recovered craft. Topics to be included are as follows: 1946 saucer retrieval at Wright Patterson AFB, 1947 UFO retrieval near Globe AZ, 1947 amazing discovery at Berkeley University, 1947 military retrieval of a UFO near Salinas CA, 1948 C-119 “Flying Boxcar” UFO retrieval with bodies, a startling discovery at the Pentagon in 1952, Warrant Officer observes three ET bodies at WPAFB in 1953, 1955 Mexican UFO retrieval south of Del Rio TX, the 1955 TOP SECRET warehouse of UFO components stored at WPAFB, the incredible account of a U.S. Marine who guarded a UFO for two weeks in 1963, UFO retrieval at Fort Riley KS in 1964, the most bazaar visit to the Air Force museum in history which occurred in 1965, TOP SECRET underground facility at Fort Hood TX, 1973 “tear-drop” shaped UFO recovery and the connection to Howard Hughes, Air Force photographer makes a shocking discovery inside a UFO during 1973, Challenger astronaut witnesses bazaar film of ET bodies at McClellan AFB in 1973, and many more. New cases to be covered include the crash of a base forward flying triangle in east Germany during 1989, the alleged Jackie Gleason 1973 ET encounter at Homestead AFB, 1953 Kingman UFO forced landing and the 1948 UFO Crash/Retrieval at Aztec New Mexico.