Travis Walton

Author - Fire in in the Sky

November 5, 1975 became one of the best documented cases of a UFO sighting and alien abduction. With a group of loggers in the mountains of northeastern Arizona, they happened upon a glowing disc-shaped object. The craft emitted a mechanical cyclic sound, a high pitched noise and a low rumble you could feel, he detailed. By himself, Walton approached the disc but was soon hit by a beam of energy, at which point his co-workers fled.

His memories of being aboard the craft are fragmentary, but he described being in the presence of three “chalky white” aliens, who were under 5 ft. tall. They had large bald heads and eyes that stared right through him, “as if they knew everything I was thinking and feeling.” He saw unrecognizable tools that “gave me the creeps,” and were reminiscent of surgical instruments. He said he recalled being taken away from the aliens by four human-like beings who were fair-haired and wore tight blue uniforms. They were silent but did show some slight facial expressions.

Walton, who was missing for five days, discussed the aftermath upon his return, dealing with frenzied press and law enforcement who had become very interested in the case. Later his experiences were made into the film, Fire in the Sky, though the portrayal of the aliens and their craft “totally missed it for me,” he said. What is the true story behind this legendary case?

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