Tracey Garbutt Dolan

Author, Remote Viewing

Tracey Garbutt Dolan is a distinguished member of the UFO research community, known for her work as a remote viewer, close encounter researcher, and lecturer. With an interdisciplinary degree in Psychology and International Studies/Anthropology, Tracey has dedicated her career to exploring the depths of human consciousness and the anomalous experiences that challenge our understanding of reality. As the wife of UFO historian Richard Dolan, she co-directs the Richard Dolan Members website and co-hosts the Off The Cuff Podcast with Richard and Tracey.

In her lecture series, “The Final Frontier is in Here,” Tracey delves into her personal journey and research into the unexplained. Her latest lecture focuses on the profound psychological aftermath experienced by individuals who have encountered non-human intelligences (NHI). She has conducted numerous in-depth interviews, shedding light on the extraordinary nature of these encounters and the often-overlooked trauma that follows. Her work not only provides a voice for those living in the shadows of their experiences but also opens a critical dialogue on the innate capabilities of the human mind and spirit.

Tracey’s approach combines academic background with a compassionate understanding of the experiencers’ plight, exploring the intersection of psychology, transpersonal consciousness, and the paranormal. As she prepares to share her latest work on the psychological impact of encounters with non-human intelligence, Tracey continues to push the boundaries of our understanding, inviting us to explore the true final frontier: the vast and mysterious landscape of the human mind.

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PSI: From Remote Viewing to Precognition

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More About Tracey

Born in Canada, Tracey worked as a graphic artist at EA Sports in Vancouver. Prior to that, during the late 1990s and early 2000s, she was a snowboard instructor in Whistler, British Columbia, where she worked alongside the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Upon coming to the United States, Tracey earned an Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and International Studies at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (Magna Cum Laude). In 2016, she founded and served as President for Big Sisters of Psychology, becoming a widely-recognized leader who inspired many students on their journey of self-discovery. During this period, Tracey became one of the most recognized faces at the university. Her organization was recognized as the university’s Most Innovative Student Program and she was featured in several news media stories, culminating in her presentation for the prestigious TEDx series in 2017 entitled “Saving Our Hidden Visionaries.”

In 2016 Tracey met her husband, UFO researcher Richard Dolan, with whom she has continued to explore spiritual and philosophical paths. Currently, she is conducting research into dreams, with a focus on lucid dreams, suspected contact dreams, and the symbolic language of the subconscious. She has also explored theories of Right/Left Brain dominance as they relate to experiencers and other individuals who have had UFO sightings. She also remains dedicated to understanding global cultures and developing ethical conflict resolution techniques to create a better world.

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