Timothy Hogan

Author, Educator - Western Mystery

Timothy Hogan is an author and lecturer within the Western Mystery school tradition. He is a Past Master within several different spiritual traditions, including many bodies in Freemasonry (AF&AM) and of Rosicrucian lineages. He is a Grand Master for multiple Knight Templar lineages, and runs the Templar Collegia. Timothy Hogan has lectured all over the world in both public and private venues, including as a guest speaker at Universities and US Embassies, and has appeared on numerous television programs world wide, as well as multiple podcast and radio interviews. He is author of The Alchemical Keys to Masonic Ritual; The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon; Revelation of the Holy Grail (written under the pen name of Chevalier Emerys); Entering the Chain of Union; The Way of the Templar; Novo Clavis Esoterika; Thoughts from Meditations; and he is author of The Elements of the Elements. Timothy Hogan has written for several periodicals over the last decade, including L’Initiation, Ariadne’s Web, Livings Stones Magazine, the New Equinox Journal, The Fraternal Review, The Scottish Rite Journal,and Heredom. Timothy Hogan’s books have been translated into Spanish and German. Timothy Hogan is likewise known for his Track II diplomatic meetings with both governmental and spiritual world leaders.

CITD 2024 Presentations


Alchemy of the Ancients, Rediscovered by the Knights Templar

This presentation will examine the ancient science of alchemy, which can be found in all of the major, ancient civilizations, and which was believed to be inherited from a root …

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Mysteries of the Cathedrals – The Templar Project of Making Books in Stone

This workshop will explore the secret symbolism in the cathedrals of Notre Dame, which includes Pythagorean, Qabbalistic, Alchemical, and Gnostic knowledge inherited by the Templar Order from traditions in the …

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Not presenting an intensive this year.

CITD 2024 Panels

Ancient Archaeology: Uncovering Our True History

This panel explores untold narratives and challenges established paradigms. Join us as we push the boundaries of traditional archaeology, and delve into the mysteries of ancient civilizations. This is a …

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