Tim Crawford

Creator of UFOTV

UFOTV® Founder Tim Crawford is a musician, actor, writer, filmmaker, artist, producer and the Creator of UFOTV®, UFOTV® Studios and UFOTV® ALL ACCESS.

Tim comes from a family of artists. Tim’s father, John Crawford, is a Puppeteer who worked with Jim Henson and The Muppets, as well as filmmakers, such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron, and Roger Corman, inspiring Tim to become a filmmaker.

At the age of 20, beginning in 1980, Tim went to work for “The Video Station” creator George Atkinson, who is considered to be the Father of “Home Video.” For 10 years, Tim distributed movies for the top 15 Movie Studios to the new Home Video Marketplace.

At the age of 24, Tim became the first person to put “video rental” into 7/11 convenient stores, and also Co-Founded a Children’s start-up Home Video Label called Kid Time Home Video. In 1990, Tim founded Indy Video, a marketing company for the major movie studios by which to outsource marketing and sales of “A” quality, lesser-known movies. This became the launching pad for UFO Central Home Video, the world’s only one-stop source for films on UFOs, Exotic Science, Conspiracies, Suppressed History, and Spirit Cinema, at a time when no one in the entertainment industry and the home video market even knew these films existed.

During this time, Tim became the Creator and Executive Producer of the TV series: Phenomena: The Lost Archives, which was hosted by Dean Stockwell, star of Quantum Leap. Phenomena featured a cross section of films and subjects that Tim curated while creating UFO Central Home Video.

In 2000, at the dawn of the new millennia, UFO Central Home Video became UFOTV®, and expanded into a worldwide, multi-platform, Media Network.

Today, Tim spends most of his time as a filmmaker, producing and directing a steady stream of original movies while concurrently serving as CEO of UFOTV®, UFOTV® Studios and UFOTV® ALL ACCESS — a Video-On-Demand Streaming Platform for movies focused on UFOs and all-things-unidentified and unexplained, in exotic science and suppressed history.

Tim lives in California with his wife, son, and daughter. In addition to being an artist and filmmaker, Tim continues to experiment with Music. Since a young age, he has been a lifelong student of rock music, and is a highly accomplished fusion drummer.

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