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At age two, Michael was gifted with all remedial mathematics, or what he calls everything the short side of derivative calculus. At seven, he was shown through a dream, 2 billion years of our solar system’s history. At 20, he got a clearance above Top Secret, and was working on satellite and missile systems. At 30, he got his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at 17 months. At 32, he retired and started 3D animating and uncovering secrets. The latter got a threat from the CIA.

In 2001, he became a wide-awake contacee in Phoenix. His book Wake Up And Do Something (How Extraterrestrials Change My Life) is a combination of lyrics from two albums he wrote, and anecdotes from an amazing life including creating a band with an ET drummer that opened for Alan Parsons to kicking stage 4 prostate cancer in a year.

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America’s False Flag: What Really Happened

On the heels of last year’s CITD presentation “KNOWING vs beLIEving,” and how he kicked stage 4 cancer in a few months, Michael was invited to create and present a …

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