John P. Milton

Founder - Manifestation of Way of Nature

John P. Milton is a pioneering global ecologist, spiritual teacher, meditation master, vision quest leader, author and extraordinary shaman. John has guided thousands of people into natural wilderness areas. He shares experiences and teaching practices that cultivate a profound connection with, and an authentic experience of, Source Awareness. His methodology of experiencing True Nature enables individuals and groups to connect with all living things and the elements of nature – a gateway into Source and the field of Natural Creativity and Intelligence. Myriads of individuals, businesses and social impact organizations have been transformed in their service to create a better world, including MIT.

John’s story and global impact is remarkable. He has been a bodyguard for the Dalai Lama, helped establish national parks around the world (from the Himalayas to Peru), and his unique work and understanding of Natural Intelligence helped in the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations global ecological movement. John has also been a scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center and professor at the university of Illinois.

John has trained with many of the world’s extraordinary spiritual teachers (e.g. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Alan Watts), as well as indigenous traditions. As a result and from his global adventures, John founded the Way of Nature and the Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation. These teachings enable individuals to experience their own personal Sacred Passage within nature and discover their connection with Source.

Over the years, people throughout the world have enjoyed his transmissions and powerful Qigong teachings, T’ai Chi training, meditation and shamanic practices, internal alchemy training, and Sacred Passage programs. This is John’s first time at Contact in the Desert and his lectures, experiences, and extraordinary wisdom will take attendees on a journey where no one has gone before

It is a pleasure to welcome John as he brings invaluable insights into the intersection of Ecology, Spirituality, Artificial Intelligence and Universal Consciousness.

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