Duane Ollinger

Duane Ollinger Star of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Actual Ranch and Outpost & Tours, Let’s get to know him! Duane has had wonderful and successful career as both a Rancher and High-Risk Oil Contractor in Amarillo Texas.

We know from the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch TV show, currently on Discovery Network, Duane sold his high-risk oil contracting company in Texas to put everything into a crazy and unpredictable gold prospect & exporting opportunity in the Uintah Mountains in Utah, now known as “The Blind Frog Ranch.”

As we have seen in the first season, Since Duane and Chad started prospecting at Blind Frog Ranch, they have discovered a system of underground caverns that run underneath the property as well as many unpredictable things… From an energy zone that aides in successful Alchemy to many unexplained findings and happenings on the ranch.
Duane is quite convinced that a famous (Lost Rhodes Mines Gold) lost treasure is hidden inside the caverns, and his singular focus has been finding it. Regardless of the fact that the locals in the area say that a curse protects the treasure, and Duane has had a myriad of strange occurrences that have knocked him off course. The first season show many of the challenges of the year and the next is sure to be packed with some amazing experiences on this journey!

Lecture with Duane Ollinger

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