Dave Foley

Actor, Host - "Really?! with Tom and Dave"

Since 1988, Canadian-American comedic actor Dave Foley has been entertaining audiences with movie and TV roles in such productions as The Kids in the HallNewsRadioBlast from the Past, VEEP, and Young Sheldon, to name just a few.

In 2023, Dave partnered up with writer/producer Tom Wheeler to launch their highly popular podcast REALLY??? With Tom and Dave. Since its debut, their podcast has featured interviews with a number of the most compelling and credible journalists, researchers and government officials on the frontlines of “exotic” UFO alien technology. The duo and their guests break down fact from fiction in a world where Congress has passed groundbreaking bi-partisan legislation to study UFOs and investigate Secret Access Programs that may be hiding crashed otherworldly crafts.

To date, Dave and Tom have interviewed many of America’s leading UAP/ET experts and newsmakers, including: Jeremy Corbell, Paul Hynek, Leslie Kean, and Ralph Blumenthal, George Knapp, Dr. Avi Loeb,  and Ryan Graves.

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The Hollywood Disclosure Alliance Presents: Disclosure and Consciousness Across the Media

Launched in Los Angeles in 2023, the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance quickly became the world’s first Non-Profit organization ever to bring together leading UFO/UAP Researchers, Experiencers and Disclosure Advocates, with Entertainment …

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