Why I Think My Father Was Involved with UFOs for the Military

Lecture with

Dan Harary

Monday, June 3, 2024
Location: Atlantis Room

In March 1970, Dan Harary, then age 14, was being driven home from school by his father in their suburban New Jersey neighborhood,
when suddenly, an enormous Silver “V” UFO craft suddenly appeared directly over their car. After getting out of the car, Dan jumped up
and down, shouting, Dad, a UFO! We’re seeing a UFO!” to which his father, the late Jack Harary, reacted with a shocking lack of interest of any kind.
Dan forgot about this event for 47 years. After his father passed away in 2017, Dan had a truly paranormal experience, during which that entire UFO Sighting
from 1970 played before his very eyes, as if being projected through his brain as if a digital home movie. It was only after Jack’s death that Dan researched who his late father really was and discovered
details about his top secret work for the U.S. Army for 45 years. These experiences inspired Dan to write his popular, science fiction novel, After They Came, and to conceive and launch
the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance, for which he serves as Chairman.


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