When Worlds Collide

Lecture with

Thomas Jane

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Inspiration Room

Humanity vs Visiting Aliens: a collision of worlds. The existence of visiting aliens completely transforms our understanding of the universe, of consciousness and physics, of good and evil, of life itself. But we can only understand our visitors through the lens of our western worldview -this set of rules, manners, customs, money, language and myths that make up modern civilization. Defining the warp and curve of that lens is crucial if we are to grasp who visiting aliens really are – and what they might want. By studying humans and their civilization, aliens could be playing the long game of discovering our vulnerabilities and gradually taking us down from within, with little to no destruction to our biosphere and our land. Alternatively, aliens could be here to help us navigate the treacherous road ahead, to elevate our species to a new level of consciousness and being – or – perhaps they are mere observers; these are, after all, interesting times. What we can learn about them may be limited – but what aliens have to teach us about ourselves may be revolutionary. The most powerful tool aliens may have to offer is not free energy or antigravity, but the ability to see our reality through the lens of an all-seeing alien eye.


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