The Present Status of the U.S. GOVERNMENT “UFO ‘Disclosure’ Project” Through “AARO”

Lecture with

Daniel Sheehan

Friday, June 2, 2023
Location: Endeavor Room

Harvard College, Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School-educated Attorney Daniel Sheehan is uniquely qualified to “up-date” the attendees at Contact In The Desert as to The Present Status of The U.S. Government “Disclosure Project” being undertaken through “AARO.” He will do this in his General Presentation to The 2023 Session of Contact In The Desert on Friday, June 2nd, 2023 in the Endeavor Room.


• “Legal Counsel” to the 1977 Congressional Research Services President Jimmy Carter-ordered
Investigation of: “The Potential Existence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence” & “The Potential
Relationship Between Extraterrestrial Intelligence and The UFO Phenomenon”;

• Legal Counsel for Dr. John Mack during his 18-month “Confrontation With Harvard” over
Dr. Mack’s 1994 publication of: ABDUCTION: Human Encounters with Aliens;

• The 20-Year General Counsel of Dr. Steven Greer’s “DISCLOSURE PROJECT”;

• The 10-Year General Counsel to The United States Jesuit Headquarters’ Washington, DC
National Office of Social Ministry prior to the November 11, 2009 Official Statement
issued by International Catholic Church calling for an immediate “Discussion of The
Profound Philosophical and Theological Questions Posed to Our Human Family by The
Anticipated Discovery of The Existence of Extraterrestrial Life”;

• General Counsel to Steven Bassett’s 2013 “CITIZEN HEARINGS ON DISCLOSURE”;

• Legal Counsel to Luis Elizondo, the 10-year Director of the secret United States Pentagon investigation of The UFO (“UAP”) Phenomenon, following Luis Elizondo’s and Christopher Mellon’s December 16-17, 2017 “disclosure” to The New York Times of the three Official U.S. Government Super-Hornet Jet Fighter gun-camera video tapes of “The Tic-Tack” UFO; “The Gimbal” UFO and “The Fast-Walker” UFO; and

• The Founder of the California-based 501(C)(3) “NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE” created to:

(1) “Monitor” the effective enforcement of the provisions of Senate Bill 4503 and House Resolution 7776 that generated the December 23, 2022 new Federal Law ordering the standing up of the new official U.S. Government Office commanded by Congress “to secure – and disclose TO CONGRESS all information obtained, since January 1st of 1945, by any military service of our United States Government; any U.S. Defense Department Agency; any U.S. Intelligence Agency…and any U.S. Government Defense Contractor Corporation pertaining to The UFO (“UAP”) Phenomenon;

(2) “Actively undertake” any and all of the 84 Official Tasks mandated, by Congress, to be undertaken by this new UFO Office (“AARO”: the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office)
which is NOT being effectively undertaken by the new “AARO” Office; and

(3) Prepare our human family for the definitive proof that there exists “another highly-intelligent, highly-technologically-developed, but distinctly NON-human species”,
here in our Milky Way Galaxy….and helping our human family develop a post-contact
“New Paradigm Human Worldview”;


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