Stargate Egypt : The Lost Technology of the Starwalkers

Lecture with

William Henry

Friday, May 31, 2024
Location: Inspiration Room

During over 20 years of boots on the ground exploration in Egypt ANCIENT ALIENS co-producer and on air presenter, William Henry, has accumulated vast ‘smoking gun’ evidence of advanced machining and lost technology in ‘impossible’ out of place artifacts like the Serapeum, the Osiris Device, the Great Pyramid and more, that point to contact with extraterrestrial, and inter dimensional, civilizations called Starwalkers. You will be amazed by his compilation. But his higher aim is to inspire you with the deep light body and ascension wisdom teachings the ancient Egyptians received from the Starwalkers. The temples of ancient Egypt were not places of worship. They were spiritual workshops where initiates came to make contact with higher realms and to learn the secrets of transforming themselves into Starwalkers. All the technology of ancient Egypt supported this goal. Join William Henry for this awe-inspiring slideshow and journey to ancient Egypt and to lost secrets at the center of your being.


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