SKYWATCH – Passive Radar for Citizen-Powered Disclosure

Lecture with

Mitch Randall

Saturday, June 3, 2023
Location: Inspiration Room

The SkyWatch platform enables citizens to take disclosure into their own hands. This session will address the social, political, scientific, and hardware barriers that have thus far prevented a definitive answer on the question of alien visitation. In a step by step fashion, you will learn how to overcome these barriers. You will learn why debunkers have such an easy job with currently available data. You will learn the unique reasons why passive radar is the critical instrument to unambiguously confirm the ET hypothesis. You will learn how the SkyWatch passive radar network keeps the critical data in the hands of citizens and why the results will be definitive and impossible to debunk. You will learn how these results are used to bypass the government and become citizen-powered disclosure. Please schedule this session on your calendar so you can be duly informed and empowered to take disclosure into your own hands.


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