Rocky Mountain Ranch: UFO Sightings, Government Cover-Ups…or both?

Lecture with

Katie Paige

Monday, June 3, 2024
Location: Atlantis Room

Join Katie as she shares her latest discoveries concerning the Rocky Mountain Ranch and surrounding areas. We will be discussing the possibility of deep CIA coverups, MKUltra’s LSD mind control programs, sonic and ultrasonic frequency non-lethal military warfare, as well as “talking” laser plasma balls and much more. Are the phenomena experienced their UFO/paranormal related, or is it all a ruse intended to distract from the nefarious activities conducted there, or both? The R.M. Ranch was investigated by A.P.R.O., Linda Moulton Howe and others in the 1970’s but the activity continues to this day! It is the location of the biggest remote viewing project ever conducted, (even by the CIA and DIA) recently led by Dr. David Morehouse. Some of the activities experienced on the ranch include hundreds of animal mutilations, menacing copters, military jets scrambled in pursuit of unidentified “craft”, mysterious lights, unusual humming sounds, two types of ETs (in conflict with each other), strange circles on the ground where nothing grows, baffling disappearing boxes, disembodied “electrical” voices, and Sasquatch and other crypted encounters. At the time the newspaper headlines dubbed the ranch the “Close Encounter Capital of the US”. R.M.R. has been written about in several books, including Hunt for The Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher Ph.D. & George Knapp, Alien Contact: Top-Secret UFO Files Revealed by Timothy Good, and many others. It has been featured on History Channels Beyond Skinwalker, George Norry’s Beyond Belief, UFO Witness, Small Town Monsters, and others.

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