On the Other Side of Abduction: Urgent Prophecy & Your Ancestral Connection

Lecture with

Yvonne Smith

Saturday, June 3, 2023
Location: Atlantis Room

With over three decades of hypnotherapy experience and abduction research, Yvonne will present ongoing abduction cases, including those of family members and generational contact. How have Abductees/Experiencers transformed and achieved personal empowerment and cathartic transformation while living a double life?

The “Urgency” impressed by the visitors themselves will also be discussed.

After lifelong experiences with nonhuman entities, Experiencers are feeling a sense of . . . something is going to happen soon . . .
I feel I am supposed to do something . . . but I don’t know what that is . . . I feel that I am supposed to talk about my experiences.

Experiencers themselves have been shown apocalyptic visions of humanity’s future. But is it all doom and gloom? What is on the other side of collective crises? The abduction experience, and finding life after trauma, may light the way in the dark for us all.

If we are to go through a “change,” how will this affect us personally? How will our society be affected? Does it mean Disclosure . . . or will it only deepen the mystery? Will this change bring the respect, dignity and acceptance abductees finally deserve, or will ridicule continue to blind us from our transforming world?


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