Astral Genesis: Path of the Soul and Astrological Keys to the Gods

Lecture with

Last Podcast on the Left
Jason Quitt

Friday, June 2, 2023
Location: Endeavor Room

Found among the world’s oldest records of human civilization lies astrological and mystical motifs of the gods, stars, and the path of the soul. The keepers of this esoteric wisdom ingeniously encoded their knowledge within the myths, biblical texts, artifacts, petroglyphs, tools, statues, art, and megalithic monuments scattered all over the world. By doing this, the ancient wisdom keepers ensured that their messages were carried into the future unbroken for the generations of their descendants to rediscover. Once decoded and understood, the astrological signature connects our ancient civilizations over time and continents through a fundamental knowledge of the stars dating back to at least the last ice age.

Who were the seeders of civilizations that taught this star knowledge to our most remote ancestors?

Were our ancestors connected to a lost heritage that once carried the knowledge of the stars to all corners of the earth?

Join Jason Quitt as he guides you on a journey through time and space unlocking the oldest story ever told, the journey back to the stars.


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