Hacking the Afterlife: Bypassing the Filters on the Brain

Lecture with

Richard Martini

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Enterprise Room

For the past fifteen years, Richard has been using hypnotherapy, mediumship and guided meditation to bypass the filters on the brain. People bypass these filters during an NDE, OBE, using hallucinogens, hypnotherapy, guided meditation or dreams that “block information not conducive to survival.” People who are mediums have “altered filters” the way a stereo might pick up unwanted signals. Dr. Greyson from the University of Virginia has discussed “filters on the brain” in his research about near death events. (“After” pg 128). Dr. Helen Wambach discussed these filters in her work “Reliving Past Lives” and came to the same conclusion from different perspectives. What are these filters? Where are they located in the brain? Are they located in the brain?


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