From Earth to the Stars: Exploring the Secret Connection Between Animals, ETs and Us

Lecture with

Alexis Brooks

Saturday, June 1, 2024
Location: Enterprise Room

From our beloved earthly animal companions to the spirit animals who sit side-by-side with us in the invisible realms, to the myriad species of “extraterrestrial intelligence” who resemble the animal kingdom for which we are familiar. Are these connections just coincidence or are they all working together to help us understand our connection to the beings we call E.T.? And if so, why has this truth been kept from us? Alexis will breakdown the barriers to understanding our intrinsic link to the earthly animal kingdom and connect the dots as to why the presence of animal companions in our lives, whether physical or not are anything but coincidence, but rather an intelligent design,utilizing animals as emissaries representing extraterrestrial, extra dimensional and otherworldly intelligence.

Some of the elements she will discuss:

● Animals as masters of camouflage
● Animal instinct and intuition
● The Animal/ET species connection – “Mirror Beings”
● ET Contact experiencers and Animal Communication
● St. Francis of Assisi, Animals, and UFOs (historic evidence of contact?)
● Screen Memory and Symbology

…What does this all mean, and are we truly understanding what our beloved animal companions are here to show us? This lecture will explore these questions with great depth, clarity and an advanced appreciation for our animal companions like never before.


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