ESP and Aliens: Is There a Link?

Lecture with

Dr. Paul H. Smith

Saturday, June 3, 2023
Location: Atlantis Room

The UFO phenomenon is at long last being taken seriously. Recent
government disclosures make it increasingly difficult to reject the notion that we are, in fact, being visited by intentionally-directed vehicles with non-Earth origins. And, while we have no hard evidence for their existence, the question of intelligent extraterrestrial life forms is inevitable. The apparent existence of “unidentified aerial phenomena” implies that they are accompanied by associated extraterrestrial actors. These ET are seemingly aware of human existence and have some, so far undetermined, agenda for their visits. Of course, the vast majority of public speculations about these “extraterrestrials” and the vehicles that they seem to be controlling come largely from fantasy (or do they?). Yet the few reliable facts we now possess raise technology concerns that cry out to be explored.

The purpose of this talk is to raise consciousness-based questions that we also need to explore. Many humans fixate on the advanced alien technology and engineering suggested by the behavior and functioning of these UAP “craft.” Much less attention is paid to how their presumably alien owners seem able to engineer and manipulate the very foundations of perception and consciousness, as suggested by some of the more credible reports from human eyewitnesses and others. Fortunately, aliens and consciousness is not unexplored altogether. At least SOME attention HAS been paid to the question. Phenomena strongly suggestive of extrasensory perception (ESP) and remote mental influencing have been reported by experiencers and observers alike. Given my long involvement and expertise in remote viewing, I am particularly drawn to what Ingo Swann, remote viewing’s inventor, had to say about this topic. So, naturally, I will consider some of Ingo’s concerns as I go. While by nature much of my talk is speculative, I hope to enlighten listeners to the possibilities and introduce plausible and more credible ways to guide our thinking about what may turn out to be a subject more profoundly important to humans even than alien hardware tech itself.


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