Encounters with Non-Human Intelligence in Mexico, Spirituality, and Close Encounters RE Cancer Treatments

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Friday, June 2, 2023
Location: Endeavor Room

Recently, several people in Mexico have revealed their encounters with non-human intelligent beings. Many times, these encounters have the purpose of revealing information related to spirituality, consciousness, and cosmology. Many of these encounters reveal health treatments with the purpose to supplement their teachings. In this presentation, one of these treatments is analyzed and presented to the public. The analyzed complementary medicine treatment is for cancer decease. The treatment was analyzed in a research pharmaceutical lab and used by few people with positive results. The presentation has the intention to present non-human intelligence contacts as an attempt of these beings to help us in our evolution process and spiritual growth. The presentation will also feature Alejandro Gonzalez that is a Mexican contactee that teaches in Mexico and the US spiritual knowledge and cosmology that is revealed to him by the benevolent non-human intelligence race of the Sirians.


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