Decrypting The Ancient Codes of Contact

Lecture with

Eric Rankin

Friday, May 31, 2024
Location: Atlantis Room

For thousands of years, stories of extraterrestrial contact were often accompanied by specific number sequences and symbols. Many of these numbers found their way into various religious teachings, while certain geometric forms were depicted in ancient temples and sacred sites all over the world. Through recent breakthroughs in technology, we now realize that far more information was contained in these intriguing patterns and numbers than we could have ever imagined. The deeper we investigate, it’s as if we’re unlocking a “calling card” of sorts, where it becomes clear that beings possessing a higher intelligence have been revealing not only specific information about our species and planet, but also a certain type of proof of their existence. Researcher Eric Rankin has been featured on Gaia TV and multiple episodes of History Channel’s Ancient Alien series. His lectures have been called groundbreaking, and his “Sonic Geometry” videos have been viewed millions of times.


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