Civilization of the Anunnaki: Gobekli Tepe and the Journey of the Soul

Lecture with

Andrew Collins

Saturday, June 1, 2024
Location: Atlantis Room
In September 2021 the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the discovery of a previously unknown civilization that thrived in southeastern Anatolia at the end of the last ice age. Known as Taş Tepeler it thrived in the Şanlıurfa region of southeastern Anatolia as much as 12,000 years ago and created over a dozen incredible ritual complexes including Gobekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe. But what did these people believe? What practices did they do and how did they mark the passage of time? Most importantly, what inspired the creation of Taş Tepeler? Andrew shows that Taş Tepeler emerged as a response to a terrifying cataclysm that nearly destroyed the planet, and that it recognized the Milky Way as the path to the sky-world. He shows also how the founders of Taş Tepeler are remembered as the Anunnaki builder gods of Sumerian and Babylonian tradition, and as the Watchers and Nephilim of Hebrew myth and legend.

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