Beyond Accidental Truth – UAP and the Nature of Reality

Lecture with

Ron James

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Enterprise Room

Ron James released “Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations” in April of 2023. What happened next was a revolution. Insider David Grusch came forward shortly after, corroborating the story told by the film. It is the story of crash retrievals, mysterious materials and even non-human biology being recovered and covered up by government and industry. But circumstances surrounding the release of the film tell a darker story, one of treachery and deceit. Nearly the entire community of UFO filmmakers were caught in a trap, and were punished brutally for their efforts. Was it the government secretly pulling the strings? Or someone and something far worse? By the time of this conference, James believes we will be much closer to the official acknowledgement of a non-human intelligence in our midst. But what does it mean? James makes the case for the Phenomenon being an important guidepost that will foster new understandings about the nature of our reality and our place in it.
Timed for the release of the next chapter in the “Accidental Truth” series, which should be released shortly after the conference, James says, “Get ready for a surprise.”


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