Ancient Apocalypse

Lecture with

Todd Curtis
Ericka Boussarhane
Kim Carlsberg
Ross Wachsman
Serena DC Kelly Chase Dave Foley Dee Wallace Timothy Hogan William Henry
Thomas Jane
Earl Grey Anderson Ryan Wood Dannion Brinkley Richard Geldriech Richard Martini Lisa Garr
Russell Targ
Duane Ollinger
John P. Milton Dan Harary Captain Ron
Alexis Brooks

Saturday, June 3, 2023
Location: Crystal Ballroom

Graham Hancock’s recent Netflix docuseries Ancient Apocalypse explores the possibility of a lost civilization destroyed in a cataclysm some 12,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age. The series has been a worldwide hit and has generated a worldwide conversation and also a worldwide controversy.

Archaeologists and journalists have labelled it “dangerous”, demanding to know why it was “even allowed” – as though the narrative archaeologists present us with about our past is the only acceptable narrative while all unorthodox and alternative views are to be scorned, shunned and smeared.

We live at a time, however, when ever larger numbers of us are determined to make up our own minds, to sift through the evidence for ourselves, and not to be told what to think by the so-called “experts”.

In this lecture Graham Hancock will address the controversies that have arisen and offer extensive evidence in support of the conclusions of Ancient Apocalypse.


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