Traversing the Realms: How to Synthesize Your Extraordinary Encounters into Everyday Reality

Workshop with

Alexis Brooks

Friday, May 31, 2024
Location: Endeavor Room

Release the struggle to reconcile a world filled with mundane, ordinary experience with that of your brushes with the extraordinary. Whether you have had contact with non-human intelligence or other strange and extraordinary encounters, this workshop will help you to bridge the chasm between normal and supernormal. In this highly interactive session, we will identify a series of applications to use in order to further understand how both mind and spirit process two vastly different realities. Alexis will then guide you through a one-of-a-kind meditative protocol to strengthen your ability to “see” into the unseen world, and gain deeper insight into your own “meta-normal” experiences in order to better integrate this aspect of your life into the everyday world. We will conclude with an interactive discussion about what was experienced during this guided journey and how these techniques can be used on a regular basis in order to navigate both inside and outside of the visual spectrum that humans typically occupy day-to-day.



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