The Right Way to Remote View UAPs and Other Anomalies

Workshop with

Dr. Paul H. Smith

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Endeavor Room

How to Responsibly Engage in Remote Viewing Anomaly Targets Anomaly targets have been and continue to be massive distractions from legitimate remote viewing. Much time that could have been spent on developing concrete and reliable remote viewing skills and using RV to solve practical challenges (such as finding missing kids or helping solve crimes) is regularly frittered away by taskers and remote viewers scrambling down the holes of imaginary rabbits. Some feel that all this does is turn remote viewing into little more than a form of vacuous entertainment. Do not allow yourself to become one of these imaginary rabbit chasers! On the other hand, this does not rule out legitimate reasons (and occasions) to remote view anomalies such as UFO/UAPs, strange occurrences, cryptozoological creatures, seemingly supernatural phenomena and the like. This presentation and workshop will educate you on the problems with, and the proper approaches to remote viewing anomaly targets when there are good reasons to do so. Though Paul H. Smith, your guide for this presentation/workshop, generally tries to avoid working on anomaly targets without such good, legitimate reasons, he nonetheless has plenty of experience in handling cases of this sort. He has been subjected to remote viewing taskers who played fast and loose with the rules. But conversely, he has also used methods that are scientifically rigorous and designed to enhance the chances of producing more accurate results while decreasing contamination from fantasy elements or bad remote viewing tasking. There is a way to do this. Paul will teach you how to do it right!



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