The Details of ‘The 2004 UFO Controlled Disclosure Act’

Workshop with

Daniel Sheehan

Friday, May 31, 2024
Location: Independence Room

The Details of ‘The 2004 UFO Controlled Disclosure Act’ – and The Present Status of Negotiations to Re-Instate into the House-Passed 24-Page Bill The 40-Pages of ‘Enforcement Provisions’ That Were in the 64-Page Bill Passed by The U.S. Senate Daniel Sheehan will be providing a 90-minute 12:30 p.m. early-afternoon “Workshop” going over the “nuts & bolts” of the U.S. Senate-passed “Seven-Year UFO Controlled Disclosure Campaign Plan” and the present status of the on-going negotiations between The U.S. Senate and House Speaker Michael Johnson in the effort of the Senate to get re-inserted into the language of the 24-page House-passed UFO Records Preservation Act the additional 40 pages of the Senate-passed Bill that require the public disclosure of this UFO information that has been ordered by Congress to be “collected & preserved by October 18, 2024. Attorney Danny Sheehan: Special Counsel to President Jimmy Carter’s 1977 Congressional Research Services Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon; Legal Counsel to Dr. John Mack in his 1994 Confrontation With The Harvard Faculty Committee over the publication of his book ABDUCTION: Human Contact With Aliens; 20-Year Legal Counsel to Dr. Steven Greer’s DISCLOSURE PROJECT; 2013 Legal Counsel to Steven Bassett’s CITIZENS HEARINGS ON DISCLOSURE; Legal Counsel to Lue Elizondo: Director of The U.S. Pentagon investigation of UFOs; Co-Founder of THE NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE in Washington, D.C.



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