Hidden Esoteric in Plain Sight

Intensive with

Brad Olsen

Monday, June 3, 2024
Location: Discovery Room

This is Brad Olsen’s new presentation in support of his 10th book “Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet.”Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” is a concept devised by the philosopher to ruminate on the nature of belief versus knowledge. The allegory states that there exists prisoners chained together in a cave. Behind the prisoners is a fire, and between the fire and the prisoners are people carrying puppets or other objects. This casts a shadow on the other side of the wall. The prisoners watch these shadows, believing them to be real. The word “occult” simply means that which has been hidden. How much has been hidden from us right before our very eyes? From mass media deceptions, to occult designs on our dollar bills, and a multitude of other symbols with veiled meanings, Brad Olsen discusses the myriad of obfuscations in our world today, and what their real meaning is all about. There is a universal law that everything that is being done to us must be revealed first. You’ll know it when you see it. We will understand Predictive Programming, legends and myths that are based on historical facts, as well as many conspiracies that turned out to be true. Presentation Outline: After entering “Plato’s Cave” we will learn to see the esoteric and occult meaning in all that has been hidden from us in plain sight, including: SEXUAL (Oblesks) MONEY (Seeing Eye Pyramid) GEOMETRY (Pentagon) LOGOS (Sigils), and including the many symbols in Hollywood and the Mass Media. Also hidden in plain sight are the Millions of Worldwide UFO Sightings, and how it has been revealed in Project Blue Book, Home Videos, Government Trickle Disclosure, and the newly formed Space Force.



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