Finding Life In The Universe: The REAL Thing! + Telescope Giveaway

Intensive with

Marc D’Antonio

Monday, June 3, 2024
Location: Discovery Room

In this talk we investigate the ways we are using to look for life in the Universe. From Solar System searches to Exoplanet searches we seek to find that ultimate answer. Diving into the science behind the probability of life elsewhere is extremely rewarding because we see evidence that life in the Universe is the RULE not the exception. How do we know that this is true? How does it help us and shape our decisions about exploration? What evidence do we have that life in the Universe is in abundance? We will see how life can form in the Universe through a vast abundance of all the right elements! This talk will give you all the armament you need to counter those who claim that life in the Universe is rare. Finally we will enjoy a rather unorthodox view of how life developed on Earth! Seeing how it happened here gives us clues as to how it happened elsewhere. When you leave you will feel validated in your feelings about alien life finding the Earth. It is unforgettable and entertaining!



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