Workshop with Jacques Vallee
Sunday, June 2, 2019
Location: Endeavor Room

When I was in Argentina in 1980, giving a series of lectures around the country and conducting field investigations with local ufologists, I had the opportunity to spend a day at a farm where a boy of 12 had had an extraordinary experience with a landed saucer and two beings two years before (1978). I met his parents, his siblings and local researchers who had investigated the story. Three years ago Alan heard of the case, decided to make a movie about the life of that witness (who was profoundly impacted by what he saw as a child) and to interview me about it. Instead, I proposed to travel to Argentina to meet the witness again (now a 50-year old man) and to try to help in the healing of his life, closing an important cycle in my own research. I also had gathered information about other cases in the area that were important to Alan in putting the pieces together. The result is unique, because it shows what can be learned from the careful study of a complex UFO encounter over several decades. (Also, the movie is beautiful and will deeply touch any audience. It is in Spanish but has American subtitles).

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